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Team Building

Keep up to date with what we've been up to over the past few months with our Team Building outings! In May, we went down to the VR Simulators in Merchant City for a virtual Grand Prix.
Penny 1 June 2022

On Friday 27th May our team headed over to VR Simulators in the Merchant City for a virtual reality Grand Prix! Congratulations to Scott McA who came 1st place! Verstappen better watch out…..

Check out some of the photos they took and well done to the runners up too!

Last week was our team building session for April! We headed round to Xcite Centre (Hype Leisure) in Finnieston for an afternoon of games. We were able to get a shot of Firestrike, Axe Hurling and one of the CSI Glasgow Escape Room which was exciting. Check out some of the pics we got below.

Every month on payday Friday we try to give our people a fun night out or experience for our monthly team building. In March, we headed to the new Boom Battle Bar in St Enoch’s Centre for some fun and games! We played shuffleboard, AR darts and some pool while drinking the bar dry, of course.

This was an excellent way for our people to connect in outside of work setting and provided some great jokes and stories that some of us will never live down! Check out some more of the pics we took while we were out!