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Where Our Focus Lies

Sectors we work in

Live Streaming and On-Demand Video

The solutions we develop for our clients serve hundreds of thousands of people every day around the globe. We do this by fully embedding ourselves in the product lifecycle. With more people embracing live streaming and ODV services like never before, the main question is how to leverage these technologies for your business’ purpose.

Our expert knowledge of digital media, e-commerce and specialist library services allow our clients users to consume and create content anywhere and anytime. Offering rich exploration for users to consume the content they seek. With an ecosystem to allow our clients users to make content they want at the price they choose, building platforms that deliver the wide variety of needs in today’s digital landscape.

E-Commerce Solutions

We deliver solutions to meet both the demand and expectation of our customers clients in today’s fast growing online marketplaces utilising B2C, C2C transactions over our SaaS platform. With m-commerce now becoming the dominant environment where both users and client expect unparalleled choice, connivance, and security while retaining privacy on platforms built for the global marketplace.  

With the digital market place becoming ever more exploited we have become adept in providing tailored encryption, identity and authentication strategies to ensure both our clients and their customers can safely explore the digital market place. 

Payments Processing & Banking

Payment’s industry Digitization has been accelerated across P2P, B2C and B2B transactions. Behind every online business and many in-store is a payment gateway and payment processing service provider. We provide both the gateway and service, ensuring that transactions are carried out seamlessly to enhance our client’s and their customer’s experience. 

In response to rapid digitization, merchants need to ensure customers can use their preferred payment method. We offer our clients customers payment methods that make payments safer and easier facilitating traditional methods such as card transactions alongside more modern open banking standards and crypto currency transactions. 

Our Bread & Butter

How we do what we do


Software Engineering

Truly innovative digital products require keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Our dedicated team of software engineers turn ideas, designs and concepts into a reality by breaking down the individual components and delivering the right solutions. Through a strong culture of learning, understanding and teamwork.

Agile Project Management & Delivery

Project managers champion the commitment to Agile and Scrum, focused on prioritization whilst ensuring value driven delivery. Implementing processes and using technologies allows us to build and maintain motivated teams. This enables us to find the most appropriate and effective ways to deliver.


With our full infrastructure stack capabilities, we create platforms from the ground up that span private and public cloud infrastructure. Proudly remaining ‘cloud agnostic’ ensuring our clients have the right solution for their needs. Building scalable and secure platforms with rigorous security reviews and testing to ensure no data is at risk, providing confidentiality, integrity, and availability always.


The Design Team employ human-centred principles and research-based methods to provide solutions that deliver for our clients and their end users. Working across digital strategy, branding, experience and application design, thriving under a range of challenging deliverables. We don’t follow trends, we create intelligent solutions that really work.

Data Storage & Analytics

At the heart of our clients products is data, that is where our skilled team of DBAs and developers enable secure data storage and processing. Our clients use these insights provided to influence positive change for the benefit of their customers.
Quality Assurance

Test Automation

Testing is an integral part of the delivery process, this ensures the quality of our software delivery. Which allows us to constantly evolve our automated test framework using the latest proven technologies available, enabling continuous software delivery giving our stakeholders a high level of confidence.
Friendly Faces

Our promise is to be profoundly human and to value our people

What Matters To Us

We hold these values dear and strive to demonstrate them every day


The harmony found in “we” not “I” ensures we thrive as a community through natural collaboration.


The heights that can be climbed are limitless. Have the curiosity to define new paths for others to follow.


Holding ourselves in high regard, so that we may treat everyone in that same manner.


Honesty is key to our nature, fear of being accountable is not. We are a place for everyone.


Keeping our focus on the horizon while setting our aspirations on the possibilities that lie beyond.


Proudly encouraging what makes individuals unique, with all their variety, allows our culture to flourish.

Our people are not only the backbone of the operation, but what sets us apart from other companies. An incredible work ethic, with a passion to continually improve!

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