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Serial Affinity Ultimate Christmas Extravaganza (SAUCE)

Our annual Christmas party has returned! Check out what we got up to this year.
Penny 9 December 2022

On Friday 9th December we held our annual Christmas Party, also known as the SAUCE (Serial Affinity Ultimate Christmas Extravaganza) 🎉 See below to find out what we got up to, and check out the pictures we took along the way!

Our day began with a new swag drop, some SA t-shirts were out for our people to choose from and take home. We followed this up with some tasty Domino’s pizzas!

Then, it was time for the SAAPAs (Serial Affinity Annual People Awards)! We headed over to the Moxy to have some drinks and to hold our award ceremony, which was concluded with a pub quiz from our very own Dan!

Congratulations to Stewart & Norman for winning a SAAPA.

To win one of these awards, people have been nominated throughout the months for demonstrating our people values. This is the culmination of those who have been nominated for each value, so a great way to give back to our hardworking people.

Finally, it was party time!

We spent the evening in Hampden’s Superbox, with fine dining, drinks and lots of dancing. Overall a fantastic time 😁